About Our Food

 We are now using Boar’s Head Deli meats and cheeses for our sandwiches.

Boar’s Head products are made with exceptional care and attention to quality.

Since 1905 Boar’s Head has been a family business. In the beginning we had a simple idea. Make the finest cold cuts possible. Nothing less. We still insist on the same unwavering commitment to those standards we established long ago, standards mostly abandoned in a mass-produced world. Meats and cheeses that contain no fillers, by-products, artificial colors or flavors, trans fat, or gluten. We wouldn’t put anything in our products that you wouldn’t put on your own table.

Pure beef, pork and poultry, and real spices. Our ham is trimmed by hand the old-fashioned way, and our turkey and chicken is oven roasted, just the way you roast yours.

Boar’s Head is proud and honored to be the name you can trust for the nutrition of your family.

Garden-fresh Salad Selections:
 Are you in the mood for something light and healthy? Our Antipasto, Chef, Greek, Caesar, Taco, Garden or brand new Spinach salads combine the freshest hand-cut lettuces, vegetables and toppings. Each of our crisp salads is served with your choice of homemade dressings, including our secret-recipe Italian Balsamic Vinaigrette, much-loved Ranch, tangy Thousand Island or another of your favorites.

Savory Soups:
Our delicious soups are filled with flavor and satisfying at any meal. From creamy lobster bisque to potato with bacon to spicy chili con carne to Jambalaya to chicken pot pie (and everything in between), our hearty, delicious soups will warm your taste buds. Our selections are always fresh, so they vary daily. Come in and try a free sample, and be sure to sign up for our Soup Group to receive email updates about our current options and lunch deals! 

Proprietary BBQ Recipes:
One of the best parts of Rosalinis is our “Southern Italian” offerings. Our recipes are proprietary  – first inherited from the previous owner and then stamped with our own signature. The result is succulent BBQ using top-grade meats. Our dry rub is made with over a dozen ingredients, and our Boss Man BBQ Sauce is a vinegar-based sauce with the perfect balance between tangy and sweet. Rosalini’s takes no shortcuts, and carefully chooses only Grade A meats, including brisket (be sure to try “The Dark Side” burnt ends!), ribs, pork and turkey. With just the right combination of creativity and spices, our creations are smoked and cooked to tender perfection and make every BBQ lover’s mouth water.

Let us cure your BBQ cravings! 

Rosalini’s BBQ goodness doesn’t stop there. Combine your love of BBQ and pizza with your choice of pulled pork, brisket or turkey combined with our own BBQ sauce, rub and your favorite toppings—all baked on our fresh dough. We also offer BBQ appetizers, such as our BBQ Shrimp Plate, BBQ Bites (brisket or pulled pork baked in fresh dough), and French fries coated in our BBQ rub. Each week, check out our BBQ specials for delicious choices such as Tri-Tip Steak Sandwiches or Meatloaf.

Oven Fresh Pizzas, Calzones, and Strombolis:
Starting with dough we make fresh in our kitchen daily, our pizzas, calzones, and strombolis  are carefully crafted with hand-sliced meats and vegetables. Then, we top them off with cheese we grind ourselves. Whether you prefer thin crust or deep dish, our pizzas are baked to perfection. Choose from our specialty pizzas and calzones, or customize them with your favorite toppings.

Baked Deli Sandwiches:
Don’t disappoint your taste buds or hunger with another fast-food sub or sandwich. For something truly satisfying, rely on Rosalini’s. Our rolls are baked fresh and we generously stuff them with hand-carved Boar’s Head meats, real link sausage, and other in-house prepared Grade-A meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

For a tasty change from regular Mayo, try our delicious Cajun Mayo or Pepperhouse Gourmet Sauce!

Homemade Specialty Dishes:
Nothing says comfort food better than traditional Italian dishes. Whether it’s hearty lasagna, chicken parmesan, spaghetti or ravioli, all of our specialty dishes are prepared in-house. Our meats are hand cut, trimmed and cooked in our restaurant, and all dishes are finished off with homemade slow-simmered sauce.

Seasonal Summer Favorites:
Celebrate the summer season with old favorites served up in a new way! Our signature Hot Dog Pizza combines the best of both worlds: sliced, grilled hot dogs, sweet green relish, onions and garlic baked on our homemade dough (made to order with your favorite hot dog toppings). Rosalini’s also offers Bright Leaf Red and Beef Hot dogs.